Is prevention in point of fact the most productive medication?

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There’s a announcing that “prevention is best than treatment”. For individuals who have no idea, the maxim warns that taking motion to unravel one thing, earlier than one thing dangerous occurs, is best than searching for answers for its penalties. Actually, the word attracts consideration to the significance of prevention when coping with well being, an angle really useful through maximum pros connected to medication. However is it in point of fact conceivable to forestall all sicknesses? We talked to the researcher and geneticist, Michel Naslavsky, to determine if prevention is in point of fact the most productive medication. Take a look at!

What’s preventive medication

Even though it’s tough to bet when we can get ill and which sicknesses we can have someday, expecting some diseases is a conceivable method ahead. For this, there’s no crystal ball or fortune teller, however explicit exams that time out mutations in our frame and installed proof conceivable sicknesses, genetically primarily based or associated with our way of life. The apply, nonetheless unusual amongst Brazilians, is named preventive medication and is as vital as it’s efficient.

“Preventive medication is in fact an idea. It encompasses the entire attitudes and movements which are taken through wholesome other folks to find a illness or its dangers to treatment it with fewer unintended effects”, explains Michel Naslavsky, who issues to procedures carried out from an early age, such because the Guthrie Check, with blood accumulated from the ft of new child small children. “Everybody who underwent the heel prick check had a preventive medication process, whoever gained the vaccine too”, he says.

For Michel, there’s no proper age to start out taking precautions and illness prevention can vary from fundamental hygiene – similar to cleanliness, which prevents infectious and pores and skin sicknesses, to P4 medication, also known as quaternary prevention (predictive, preventive, persona and participatory). In P4 medication, movements are taken to offer protection to the person from invasive scientific interventions. “It expands the concept that to different sorts of aggregation of well being data with a view to cut back the social, psychological and useful resource harm implemented to the realm”, he explains.

Greater than a question

On the other hand, earlier than scheduling a consult with for your clinician’s workplace, you will have to remember that, even with advances in medication, now not the entirety is preventable. “Preventive attitudes come with going to the docs, however now not simply that”, says the geneticist, who argues that greater than exams and exams, sufferers want to learn about their situation.

“The largest secret within the evolution of drugs is get right of entry to to data. Other people want to learn about sicknesses, the hazards they face and the entirety that may be preventive in terms of each and every of those threats. In our house of ​​human genetics, we attempt to lend a hand individuals who have genetic sicknesses and their households, make a correct analysis and, from there, undermine the chance of recurrence of that illness and sooner or later display what will also be carried out to steer clear of passing it on”, he explains.

The Angelina case

In 2013, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy to forestall breast most cancers. The process isn’t commonplace, basically because of the age of the American, who used to be 38 years outdated on the time, however it used to be carried out because of her top chance of growing the illness. The actress had her breasts got rid of after a genetic check to determine if she had the similar mutation as her mom and aunt, who died from breast most cancers earlier than the age steered through docs for prevention.

“In relation to genetic sicknesses, as soon as an individual has a mutation that reasons severe harm, there’s no prevention. In those circumstances, genetic counseling is performed. Everybody has mutations, however they simply make sense if they’re in a chemical context”, explains Michel, who gained a number of appointments after the actress’ case used to be introduced. “Preventive procedures will have to take note the age issue, circle of relatives historical past and atmosphere during which the individual lives. Breast and ovarian most cancers have a top occurrence in girls over the age of 45, for instance, which is why the WHO (International Well being Group) suggests tracking girls from a definite age onwards”, he reinforces.

In Angelina’s case, docs discovered that she had an 87% probability of growing the illness. On the other hand, the case is an exception. “Preferably, everybody must have a basic practitioner. The SUS concept of ​​having a circle of relatives physician is improbable, as a result of he’s a certified to accompany that circle of relatives and notice what the ones other folks whinge about. You need to watch it,” he concludes.