Molecular Oncology

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Within the Analysis Line Molecular Oncology the genotypic and phenotypic characterization of various kinds of most cancers is used to get to the bottom of fundamental molecular processes that play crucial function right through carcinogenesis and development of most cancers. The result of those molecular approaches are prolonged to investigations within the medical institution, which leads to the popularity of recent and progressed diagnostic and prognostic signs. Moreover, those insights may give a powerful impetus to new healing and preventive methods.

The tasks on this analysis line come with:

The research on genetic adjustments that play a job within the initiation of the carcinogenic procedure

Among those are the research at the re-expression of embryonic genes right through oncogenesis, the function of HPV an infection and integration, the function of UV-induced mutagenesis, the function of DNA-methylation and research on preliminary genetic insults within the stem cells of a number of tissues leading to oncogenesis.

The research on genetic instability ensuing within the development of most cancers

Among those are the research on explicit chromosome aberrations that point out the standing of the illness, as an example in most cancers of the bladder, neuroendocrine tissues, colon, cervix, ovary, breast and endometrium, pores and skin, head and neck epithelia and mind. The popularity of those genetic adjustments has now not handiest diagnostic possible for tumor staging, tumor identity and prognostication, but in addition equipped crucial insights into the function of the genomic aberrations within the development of malignancy.

The research on DNA restore techniques that counteract injury produced by means of endogenous and exogenous brokers

Lesions produced by means of UV gentle and the chemotherapeutic drug cisplatin, are bodily got rid of by means of the NER advanced. Alternatively, regardless of this process in addition to the presence of cell-cycle checkpoints, restore steadily does now not happen ahead of replication of the DNA containing the lesion is tried. Those lesions would possibly due to this fact block the development of DNA polymerases, and cells have advanced mechanisms to avoid such lesions. The genes on this post-replication restore pathway encode proteins fascinated about ubiquitination.

The research on nutritional components and explicit gene mutations in colon carcinogenesis

Those research correlate the susceptibility for colon most cancers to nutritional components and mutations in explicit genes, akin to APC and Ok-ras. Additionally the function of nutritional components on gene methylation right through colon carcinogenes is studied intimately.

The research into most cancers phenotypes, during which a lot consideration is targeted at the dating between the above discussed genomic adjustments at the one hand, and the proliferative process and apoptotic possible at the different. Particularly the method of apoptosis is studied intimately on the molecular degree, which has now not handiest resulted in numerous new assays, but in addition equipped perception into the function of the apoptotic signaling pathways and of the cytoskeleton in figuring out the apoptotic possible of most cancers cells.

The research into the identity of most cancers similar antigens, akin to explicit splice variants of cellular floor proteins, which can be utilized as goals for (DNA) vaccination protocols. A Eu consortium is being funded by means of the EU to spot and observe such goals for lung most cancers.

Tumour Phenotype

Analysis challenge molecular goals for prognosis and remedy of most cancers

Analysis staff Tumour Phenotype, Dept. of Molecular Mobile Biology

Cyto- and nucleoskeleton habits right through apoptosis

The constructions of the cytoskeleton and the nuclear matrix don’t seem to be handiest topic to degradation right through apoptosis. Those constructions do additionally supply structural improve and a scaffold for the meeting and activation of various molecular constructions which might be pivotal within the initiation and execution of the method of programmed cellular dying.

The right kind serve as and group of the cyto- and nucleoskeletal constructions in most cancers cells can due to this fact affect the potency of anti-cancer remedies which might be in accordance with the induction of apoptosis. Certainly, the sensitivity for of apoptosis.

On this analysis line the mechanisms underlying the precise adjustments within the cyto- and nucleoskeleton right through apoptosis are studied. Analysis is basically desirous about keratins, some of the parts of the cytoskeleton. The keratin community is among the main goals right through the execution section of apoptosis.

We’ve proven that the keratin community additionally performs a job in sensitizing cells to roscovitine-induced apoptosis by means of environment friendly recruitment of DEDD. In cells expressing top ranges of DEDD, this protein is diubiquinated and presentations a powerful affiliation with the cytokeratin scaffold. Cells appearing top ranges of DEDD are extra delicate to roscovitine-induced apoptosis by contrast to cells expressing low ranges of DEDD, despite the fact that each form of cells display identical procaspase-3 contents. We hypothesize that the DEDD-mediated recruitment of procaspases-3 and -9 ends up in an building up of their native focus, which renders cells extra apoptosis-prone. When induced, those cells reply in a fast and environment friendly option to roscovitine-induced apoptosis by contrast to cells expressing low ranges of DEDD.

We additionally confirmed that the C-terminal cytokeratin 18 peptide, liberated by means of early caspase-9 cleavage, performs a job in regulating early occasions right through the execution section of apoptosis. The C-terminal peptide, which presentations fundamental houses, relocates particularly to the nucleoplasm as proven by means of confocal laser scanning microscopy the usage of a selected antibody to this cytokeratin 18 area and is in a position to modulate topoisomerase process in vitro as measured by means of leisure of plasmid DNA. In accordance with our observations, we recommend that translocated C-terminal cytokeratin 18 peptide assists topoisomerase I within the good enough efficiency of nucleolar processes right through the preliminary section of apoptosis and not directly helps protein biosynthesis by way of law of rDNA transcription and rRNA processing.

Position of p21 Waf1/Cip1 right through cell senescence

This analysis line is targeted at the function of p21Waf1/cip1 right through remedy brought about senescence. Mobile senescence is a backup program for cellular dying and is characterised by means of altered gene expression and morphology. Even supposing not able to proliferate, senescent cells intrude with cellular enlargement by means of the secretion of a lot of enlargement components. The usage of the parental HCT116 wt and the p53-/- and p21-/- knockout cellular traces, we confirmed that p21Waf1/cip1 performs a pivotal function within the induction and upkeep of drug-induced senescence. By contrast to wild sort cells the p21-/- knockout cells did not go through senescence after low dose remedy with the topoisomerase inhibitors etoposide or campthotecin, the cdk-inhibitor roscovitine was once

not able to urge senescence.

Double labeling ways have been advanced to locate chromosomal aberrations together with both cytoskeletal markers or the presence of integrated BrdU

On this manner we have been in a position to discriminate between cells within the G2-phase of the cellular cycle, tetraploid G1-phase cells, binucleated cells or aggregates of 2 G1-phase cells and we have been in a position to turn if genetically aberrant cells are in a position to proliferating. We confirmed that right through remedy with low dose topoisomerase inhibitors the selection of tetraploid cells greater considerably within the p21-and p53- knockout cells as when compared with the wild sort cells. Equivalent observations have been made when p53 knockout cells have been uncovered to brief sessions of anoxia. Moreover we confirmed that those tetraploid cells are nonetheless in a position to proliferate as evidenced by means of their talent to include BrdU. No glaring distinction between wild sort and knockout cells with recognize to long run survival have been seen after low dose drug remedy.

Initial effects display that mixed remedy of low dose topoisomerase inhibitors and the cdk-inhibitor roscovitine prevents the formation of tetraploid cells and senstitizes cells to low dose topoisomerase remedy as evidenced by means of a lower long run survival.